A fun way to shut up a big mouth at the table

By Michelle Nastasis

blinds 300/600 no antes until level 7

Villain stack is 40 BB. Profiles as a jackal. Wildly unpredictable

my stack 56 BB

Pre flop action:

UTG limps in

Folds to HJ (V1) raises to 2200

folds to me in the BB with 8h8s. I thought about a raise to 4000 but decided to call due to the severe unpredictability of V1.

UTG folds

Pot: 5300


8d 2c Jh

Action: I open to 2800. V1 raises to 5600. I 4-bet to 9000.

V1 asks me why the 4-bet? I glare at him and say 9000

He goes: "All in"

I snap call. He shows Js2s

Board runs out dry and I win a huge pot

V1 leaves muttering, "That blonde bitch did it to me again. I just can't beat her. She's a pain in the ass to play against."

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