Gamecocks vs. Tigers. This hand is from the WSOP Seniors (50+) side event on 5/30/19

By Michelle Nastasis

For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. I was raised a South Carolina Gamecock fan. Our hated enemy is Clemson (SC) Univ.



Chip Stacks:

Villain: 62,900

Me: 80,600

V1 is BTN

I am MP2


Folds to MP2. I raise to 4000 (My standard opening)

Folds to BTN who calls. Pot 9500

Flop: Ks-Kh-2d


Me: open to 9500

BTN: call 9500 Pot is now 28,500

Turn: As

Me: open for 20,000 (I'm hoping he would do EXACTLY what he does next)

V1: shoves all in and shows Ac-2c

Me: call with Ad-Kd

River: 3c

On his way out I find out he's from Clemson, SC! He's cussing me out royally.

"That blonde bitch just made me look stupid. F-ing Gamecock! I hate that F-ing school!

I replied: "I heard y'all's library burned down. It took all of Dumbo's coloring books with it."

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