The Importance of Paying Attention

By Michelle Nastasis

The bluffer had a monster tell. They would always check/call when they were bluffing,  then open min raise regardless of the turn. She did it 8 times. I thought I saw it the first couple of times, then she did it again and again.  She tried it with me. I held K♡K♧.

Blinds: 200-400-25

I'm UTG. I open to 1600

 She's BB.

Action: fold to SB. Call

BB call

Pot: 4800

Flop: 6♡7◇A♧


SB check

BB check

Me: open 3000

SB fold

BB call

Turn: K◇

Pot: 10,800

BB open 2500

Me raise to 10k

BB call

She was bluffing the whole way with 10♧3◇

River 2◇

BB shove.

Me snap call.

She had me covered by 200 chips.

Monster double up

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