Play the opponents NOT the cards

By Michelle Nastasis

Villain 1 has 28 BB

Villain 2 has 26 BB

Me: 43 BB

I hold AhKd

Action: Folds to V1 who opens to 600

V2 calls. Me: raise to 1600, Blinds fold. both V1 and V2 call.

Pot: 5100

Flop: Jc10s8d

Action: V1 bet 1100. V2 and I call

Pot: 8400

Turn: 7h

Action: V1 bet 2100 Both V2 and I call

Pot: 14,700

River: 3s

Action: Both V1 and V2 check. Me: (in a stern voice) 3700

Both V1 and V2 fold giving me the pot.

I showed the bluff face up.

Both V1 and V2 go "she did it to us again. A stone bluff. How the hell does she do it? I just can't beat her."

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