Something I've NEVER seen before at the table

By Michelle Nastasis

Blinds 400/800

Villain stack is 33BB. Profiles as solid reg. Rarely gets out of line.

My stack 35 BB

I'm UTG + 2

V1 is UTG

Pre flop action:

V1 opens to 1600


Me: raise to 4800 with AhKh

Folds back to V1 who calls.

Pot: 10,800

Flop: QhJhTh ( for those of you don't know, I just flopped a ROYAL FLUSH!!!! It's my 10th Royal and 3rd flopped Royal)

V1 opens for 5000

I flat call. No need to let V1 what's coming his way....yet

Pot: 20,800

Turn: 6s

Action: V1 jams ALL IN. I snap call (duh!!!)

V1 shows 8h9h for a STRAIGHT FLUSH and loses!!!!!

The whole table is in total shock. V1 took his ugly beat well. Shook my hand and said, "Go win this thing."