The Villain takes the bait and gets felted

By Michelle Nastasis

World Poker Tour DeepStack Seniors Event at Thunder Valley Casino (Lincoln, CA)

Both hero and villain have full starting stacks of 250BB (25,000). I have no read on V as we both have 1st 4 hands. This is the 5th hand of the tournament.

Blinds 100/100 with 100 Big blind ante

Me: (BB) ThTs

Preflop Action:

UTG folds. V: open to 300. all fold to me. I raise to 1300. V calls

Pot: 2800


Tc Qd 6s

Me: (After an absolute mental misclick) I grab 2 1k chips and toss them in.

V: calls 2000

Pot: 6600

Turn: 2s

Me: open 2000

V: call 2000

Pot: 10,600

River: Qs

Me: check (with full intent of a check-raise)

V: open 3000

Me: raise to 9000


Me: snap call

V: shows Ad Qh for trip Q

Me: shows full house. T full Q

V walks away stunned.

Comment from Player in seat 1: Whoops. Blondie (me) can play. I was way wrong about her. (Insert unspoken stereotypes about blondes here). I'd better stay clear.

he only played 1 hand against me all day. He went all in with AK versus my JJ and lost.

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