This is an example of how NOT to play a flopped set.

By Michelle Nastasis

Villain 1 profiles as loose/aggressive

Villain 2 profiles as tight/passive-aggressive

V1 stack: 20,000

V2 stack: 16,500

Blinds: 200/400 (note: no antes under 500/1000 level)


V1: AhAc  (MP2)

V2: 8c8s (UTG+1)


UTG fold

V1 open to 1200

MP1 fold

V2 call

all others fold

Pot: 3000



V2: open to 1500

V1: call

Pot: 6000

Turn: Ad


V2: open 2000

V1: raise to 6000

V2: re-raise ALL IN

V1: call



here is my take on this: First, V2 waited too long to pressure V1 after flopping a set of 8s. He should have made a pot sized or larger move on the flop.

                                     Second, on the turn.....his 4-bet shove with 2 over cards on the board should NEVER happen. V1 showed strength by calling both pre and post flop raises.