Wildly unpredictable Viilain. This is one way to combat it.

By Michelle Nastasis

This player redefined the term jackal. He would open/raise 15x BB with junk and "only" raise 4x BB or call with decent hands.

Blinds 400/800 (Level 6. 20 minute blinds. antes did not start until L7)

V1 has 33 BB (BTN)

I have 48BB (MP2)


Fold to me with JhJd. I open to 3200 (4x BB). Fold to BTN who calls. Blinds fold.

Pot: 7600

Flop: 6h Qd 6s


me: check. (This is based on his earlier actions. I fully expected a big raise here)

V1: opens for 5000

me: check raise to 10,000

V1 tanks for 2 minutes before folding. He flash shows JT offsuit.

V1 was visibly shook up by the check raise and was eliminated 5 hands later.

His quote: "WTF was that? she just ripped my heart out, stomped on it and gives it back to me with a smile on her face. Nobody has ever done that to me before."

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