A check raise trap spung on an unsuspecting victim

By Michelle Nastasis

Hand from 6 November 2023

Event #6 $150 NLH at Peppermill Poker Palooza

I hold Qd Qh (my favorite hand!!!!). I have 34BB. I am UTG+1

V1 profiles as LAG. Animal type - Lion. He has 31BB. V is in LJ

Blinds 300/600/600

Action: fold to me. I open for 3000. Folds to V who flats. All fold.

Pot: 8500

Flop: Qs 4h 8c

Action: I check. V opens for 4200. I insta check raise to 20,000. V jams with As Ah. I snap call.

Turn: 2d

River: 4c

V heads to registration to re-enter

V: "I knew you were up to something. You rarely check with the goods. You're a pain in the ass to play against."

Me: Thanks

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