Hand History from Orleans Winter Poker Festival. 2 December 2023

By Michelle Nastasis

Orleans Casino.  Las Vegas NV

$200 buyin. $15,000 gtd prize fund

Level 6 (20 min levels)(400/800/800)

I have 36BB. I hold AdKs. I am UTG+1

Vis very inexperienced tournament player. His words: "This is only my 4th live tournament. I play mostly cash."

V is BB with 22BB

Pre flop action:

Folds to me. I open to 4BB (3200). Folds to V who calls.

Pot: 7400


Kd Qh 6c


V opens to 2BB (1600). I raise 9.3BB (7500). V shoves his last 16BB. I snap call. V shows QsTc.

V asks: "do you have a king?"

Me: " Yes. I have top-top."

V: "Shit. I have a Queen."

Turn: 3c

River: Ac

V: "How did you know I had a Queen?"

Me: "Your inexperience betrayed you. QT is not a hand you shove with around 20BB. I used your inexperience against you."

V: How long have you been a pro?"

Me: 18 years and over 3800 tournaments.

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