Michelle Nastasis cracks Aces by drowning them in the river

By Michelle Nastasis

RunItUpReno/Celebrity Series of Poker Event benefiting Folded Flag Foundation

Villain profiles as loose cannon. Very splashy style. My animal type: Jackal

Set Up: (Big Blind Ante Format) Level 13 (3000/6000/6000)

Villain: 22BB (132,000) I n LJ

Me: 44BB (264,000) in MP2

Preflop Action:

UTG opens to 12,000 (2BB). folds to me. I raise to 42,000 (7BB). V calls. Folds to UTG who calls

Pot: 141,000

Flop: Kd 4c 6d


UTG check

Me: open to 70,000

V: shoves all in

UTG: fold

Me: call

V: shows As Ac

Turn: 2c

River: 5d Giving me trip 5's

Villain also surrenders special bounty ( thank you Lisa Luposello Pickell). I went on to finish 10th out of a field of nearly 250.

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