Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.This is a hand from the Gavin Smith Memorial fundraiser tournament on 5/28/19

By Michelle Nastasis

This is in the Big Blind Ante Format

Blinds/Ante: 300/600/600

Villain stack: 30,200

Me: 30,800

V1 is UTG + 1

Michelle Nastasis is BTN


UTG fold

V1 opens for 1800 (this was his standard open all night)

everyone folds to BTN. BTN raises to 4000

blinds fold.

V1: shoves all in with Ah-Kh

BTN: calls with 6c-6h

Flop: 6d-6s-2c

Turn and river don't matter.

This is where it gets fun for me! Phil Hellmuth was on the mic doing commentary. "Holy Crap! Michelle Nastasis just flopped QUADS! (Phil looks at V1) Sir, you're drawing dead!

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