Straighten Up. Fly Right!!!!

By Michelle Nastasis

Hand history from 6 February 2024.Hard Rock Tampa

Winter Poker Open Seniors Event

Level 3 (200/400/400)

I have 67BB. V has 72BB

I have Kc Jh on BTN

V is SB and profiles as a mouse. Plays super tight.

Pre flop Action:

MP2 limps in. Folds to me. I raise to 4BB (1600). V calls. BB folds as does MP2

Pot: 4400 (11BB)


Qd Th 9s


V opens to 3000. I call.

Pot: 10,400

Turn: 2c

Action: V opens to 5000. I call.

Pot: 20,400

River: 3h

Action: V opens to 5000. I go ALL IN. V calls and shows Qs Qd for a set of Queens. I show my nut straight. I needle him when I showed with: "Straighten Up. Fly Right."

V: Good move. F you

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