If You See Me Smiling at the Table...Be Afriad. Very Afraid.

August 29, 2023

The first thought most people have when they read that statement is this: "that doesn't sound like fun."

As I have stated before, three things about me are true.

One, when you sit at mt table, you're my enemy. I do not care if we are business partners, friends or my spouse.

Two, my job at the table is destroy you and your dreams. I do not care one bit about your feelings.

Three, I will attack the wounded and the drunks at my table. If you are wounded and short stacked, I will attack your stack. Why? You will be desperate to a point where your decision making is compromised. If you consume alcohol at my table, I will attack you too. Why? As an 18 year sober alcoholic myself, I know full well that alcohol clouds your judgement. In order to play poker effectively, you must make clear headed judgements and decisions.

There is a saying in poker that goes like this: DON'T TAP THE FISH TANK.

What does it mean? Fish or newer players are the life blood of poker. I firmly believe this: DO NOT CRITICIZE NEWER PLAYERS BECAUSE THEY MADE A BAD PLAY IN YOUR MIND.

To my way of thinking, doing that drives players AWAY from the game. For those who criticize newbies, you wete once in their shoes too.

With only 7% of all poker players being female, why do you think I am such a fierce advocate for women in poker? Bringing in new players into welcoming environment should be the goal of everyone. Female players, especially, should be welcomed with open arms.

Ok. Now how does this tie into my Ice Princess persona? Very simply put, I am quiet until it's time not to be quiet. Then I speak my mind. Remember, I have little to no filter between my brain and my mouth. At the table, I follow something both my grandmother and my late mentor, Terry Ring, taught me: "I would rather you be silent, than be talkative and miss something important. The good Lord gave you 2 eyes and 2 ears so you can take in 4 times as much as you spit out."

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