Perception Versus Image

August 29, 2023

Let's start with the most obvious things about being a blonde. The vast majority of people, mostly males, view a blonde with big breasts as a dumb bimbo type. That is the unfortunate perception of us blondes.

Yes, I am a blonde. Yes, I am well endowed. No, I not a bimbo nor dumb. I am happily married to a wonderful woman named Suzanne. No, I am not dumb either. In fact, I hold 2 degrees in business. My undergrad GPA was 3.17. My MBA GPA was 3.79.

At the poker table, I use the perception of us blondes against my male opponents. The average male is going to look at a tall (I am 5 foot 11 in flats and over 6 foot 3 in heels), voluptuous blonde with long legs when she is wearing a short dress or skirt VERY QUICKLY!! I call it using the weapons of male distraction. Why? If you are looking at my legs or my boobs, are you paying attention at the table? NOPE!!

A great case in point happened recently in a tournament I was in in Vegas. 3 hands before the break, I ran a massive bluff into 3 opponents. Two hands before the break, I flop a very hidden straight and made the villain believe he was good until the river until I hammered him with a pot sized bet that he called. The last hand before the break is where players from other tables made these comments: "Oh shit!!! Blondie just eviscerated those guys. She took their man cards, tore them up and smiled." Another one said: "I thought she was another dumb blonde. She can play and she ain't fooling around either."

Perception (dumb blonde) versus image. When I got eliminated in 4t place, EVERY SINGLE GUY at the table said a version of this: "Our perception of you was wrong. Your image is one of a very aggressive player with superb skills." Another one said he learned more in 30 minutes than he had in 10 years.  

Perception versus image. The next time a well endowed woman sits at your table guys, don't be in a rush to label her. She might just kick your ass.

Andre Agassi once famously said that image is everything. He was almost right.  

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